Walking the path before me, ancestral guidance arrives through the open door of healing dreams and visions. I do not seek to follow directly in your footprints, my feet are not the same size as yours, but I do carry the wisdom that you carried. As you pass by you inspire me to be aware of my own direction. I am mindful of those that together created me as an individual being. I pray for them. I thank and bless them for this new beginning. I acknowledge their gift to me. I bless us as children in the eternal womb developing a mortal life.

Today I praise ancestral guidance.


I celebrate my birth. I am called out of darkness into the singing light. I enter the mysteries of earthly existence whilst aware of the joys of life eternal. I thank and bless all those present at my birth. I claim my name of this incarnation. I bless all those that loved and nurtured me as I grew into a physically mature being. The earth and all who supply my food, every cell acknowledges your generous presence. I exist in the well being of a physical body.

Today I praise birth.


In my maturity I remember that innocence and creative laughter keep the world young. I believe in love, I see beauty. I am tolerant, accepting, understanding, supportive, in balance in all my relationships. Today I praise maturity. I develop in grace and knowledge as a mature being. I acknowledge my unique potentials and skills. I ask that I may always use my logical, analytical, decision making capacities for the highest good of others and myself.

Today I praise maturity.


Praise to the mothers who bathe the feet of the sleeping infants.

Praise to the fathers who bathe the hands of their beloved children.

Their time is now and evermore.


There is a pleasureable way forward for us all - it is the way of truth, light and dark brought together in Divine knowledge of our destiny. We closed down the memory. We are here now to fulfil our ancient promise. We are here in love.

We are here again to open what was closed. We re-open the memory through deaths and rebirths - the gates to infinity. We open now. I am thankful for my lives and times on earth. Eternal blessings I bestow on all that have shared my lives. Seeds I plant bear fruit. When the shadows fall and darkness draws near I rest in gladness.

Today I praise rebirth.


Angels of harbours and bays, of towns, those that consciously watch over the land, I praise you. The angels of the breeze, of the sun, of the moon, angels of rivers and lakes, winged as butterflies in fluttering flight or dark swooping bats at dusk. Angels that call to me in sleep, in dreams, in waking hours, as I walk the pleasing pilgrimage of the landscapes of life.

Today, in thanks and gratitude, I praise angels.

Land Goddesses

My ladies, the source of the red earth, the virtuous nurturers of the generations, in your hills I sing your praises, in your valleys I dance your dreams. Today I praise the beauty of the recumbent hills and the dark shades of the depths. I praise with inner sight your presence. Each rock and stone is different, each goddess unique. Revealing herself in a white horse, a black bull, a bright cow and a hunting lionness. Each leaving a trail in the memory of earth.

Today I praise land goddesses.

Gods and Godesses

Silently expressing my inner calm I listen to the angels sing. Holy, heavenly, glorious, peaceful. I bless the messengers, angels, god and goddess, way showers, guides, guardians, all those that stand at the doorways carrying the lamp that lightens my path as I discover the peace within my soul.

Today I praise gods and goddesses.

Rising Moon

The overture essence of the moon awakens my senses and my eyes. A rising full moon, first healing beams weaving ribbons of light, spreading a haze of brightness. Bowl shaped, in the dip of two tree clad hills, expanding light announces the slow appearance, the crystal gleaming brilliance. Then the blemishes of darkness can be seen. Yet they are not blemishes but merely shadows. Oh glorious moon, your contemplative heart sings with my heart. I praise your many coloured appearance, oftimes yellow, golden, silver white, symbol of the awakening night.

Today I praise the rising moon.

Noonday Sun

In my discomfort of your heat I seek shade, for it is in the cooler shadows I may observe you. Some bathe in your oven, not burnt by your determined climactic flames. Yet, unable to withstand your baking I withdraw, knowing that this is not a distraction but merely a kindness to myself. At the highest point, the goal is not achieved. It is attained in continuing, initiated at dawn's first sparks and completed at dusk. The manifest whole is found in many traditional expressions. There is no difference only the apparent changes within a synchronised oneness.

Today I praise a noonday sun.


In dark moonless sky, magical liberated lights appear, and I am carried to the stars. I look up and expand into you, borne on an emotional flight of wonder, to play amongst possibilities. Patterns create pictures which tell mythical stories. Orion, Pleiades, Taurus, all recall the legends of a civilisation. We fix our earth bound lives in the firmament above us with wondrous tales. Do I really want there to be other planets, just like earth, or do I dream of fantastical lands that weave gases, liquids and black space unknown, unobtainable on my present home. In some dark cavern of my mind, the mirror of what I see, I know that I am there as well as here. That I am part of a great Universe, each a speck of the ultimate divine.

Today I praise the stars.


I look up into the grey clouded sky and wonder at the illuminated ribbon bridge that rises above the mundane land, offering another pathway into the spiritual realms. If only I could find my way to your elusive beginning I could happily pass into a land of dreams.

Gasping in delight at your subtle colours I feel a loss as you fade. Transient pleasure passes and I return my view to the solid ground. Unobtainable fantasies disappear into the mists of rain as quickly as they arrived. I know that I cannot walk across the rainbow. This ephemeral bridge is purely symbolic.

Today I praise rainbows.


Resting, as an animal, your sacred green limbs outstretched in the sun, crumple into rolling land waves. I pray to the hills. Inspired by your quiet solidity and calm I discover my own strength. As my ancestors viewed your horizons, I do now, aware of the generous stones and rocks of the guard, who watch as times flow, as buildings rise and fall, as humans walk on the land and pass away. All is transient, my prayer is for the eternity of the blink of an eye. I do not regard you as hindrances, blocking my journey, but as delightful places in which to climb, and from whose heights I can see the whole of the world and wonder at the beauty of my lfe and of the land.

Today I praise hills.


I stand in the original river, praying. Silently reflective. Some wash away their sins but who says they are sinners but themselves. I am of good cheer. The river flows around me, as the kiss of the breeze, as the maelstrom of torrential emotions, and here I remain, up to my armpits in the swirling currents, as the hermits of old. I lift my feet and float.

Today I praise the rivers.


Today I praise the silence of a single tree, the woodland and forest. Magical, sacred, attuned to the spirit of bliss, static yet never frozen in time or space. Each isolated yet never lonely, observing earth, air, water and fire. Sap energy rises from the finest root to the highest opening bud bringing life to each cell, adapting, flexible. I remember the aroma that brightens the air and softens the heart. I remember each purifying walk through the trees.

Today I praise trees.


I bless the endless possibilities and opportunities in my life. Physically transported by my imagination, obstacles and boundaries are those created by myself. I preserve my delicious abundances for times of lack, reserve and conserve in times of plenty. I am always ready to receive in the knowledge that I can gift excesses. I offer an embrace of eternity to all those that belong in my arms. I have hugs a plenty to share.

Today I praise abundance.


Contemplating the mysterious spiritual essence of each soul, mine eyes see the creations of the essence. Mine ears hear the sounds of the wind in the trees. Mine heart sings with the melodies of the air and I am alive. I praise the vitality, alertness and infinite presence of the unknown, unseen, untouched, unheard, that is aroused in my heart. In the breeze, a gentle aroma rises from the valley of life, and I know, complete within, I can respond.

Today I praise mystery.


The journeys of my contemplations mirror my inner and outer existence. Within my secret mind I search for my soul, that part of me that is my eternity. As I search I journey in many lands, over many seas, and rise up to the heavens. On my journey I am accompanied by those unseen, invisible yet present in every move - ahead, guiding the way, behind, remembering the past and on either side, protecting.

Today I praise reflection.


Tears of awakening emotions. I know not why they flow, yet as the skies open and rain falls, these tears drop in answer to unasked questions.

Today I praise awakenings.


May I be filled with the abundance of love. Love in it's three aspects. Fresh, filled with wonder; Nurturing, protective, fertile; Wise, teaching, guiding. May I be filled with the infinite grace of love. May I be filled with the joy of love. Great Divine please guide me in my quest for love. I live in the present, rooted in the traditions of the past and mindful of the future.

Today and everyday I praise love.


Another does not settle my destiny, I do. I understand and accept this. I can not escape this. Within my dynamic core is a deep well of trust, centred in myself and confirmed by my life experience. I take the distant view of my inner knowing. From this place I make my decisions. Listening to opinions and sharing advice I am not distressed. I offer and receive with each cell of my body, knowing that my physical life on earth exists as a memory of who I am. And each cell, complete and interconnected, enhances my whole. Once I obtain my independence I realise I do not stand alone.

Today I praise independence.


I reduce and reduce again for the good rich sauce, source of existence, the golden philosopher's stone. In the simplicity is the bold deep essence of clarity. Complicated situations are diluted in their ultimate effect. Easyness brings insight in removing the unnecessary, and a life is changed. One word, one look, one note, and all these simple onenesses summate to an orchestra in harmony. I am at home when I expand into the many rooms of complicated myself, which I then discover is truly one room in many dimensions.

Today I praise simplicity.


Clapping my hands together in greeting, I laugh as our bond moves through me in a warm wave of happiness. You are my honest friend. There is no ownership between us, each an extension of the other. You are a delightful enhancement rather than a constant companion. You visit me in patches of joy, repairing times we are not together. Our relationship is most important to me. We have ceremonies of meeting and it is inconceivable that you may never be in my life. Our affection is not a substitute for fulfillment with others, but a treasured improvement.

Today I praise friendship.


I share others experiences and empathise. I do not wish to live another's life, but share in their joys and woes, supporting where needed, resonating with their inner heart and mind. This brings forth my compassion in recognising when suffereing is present. I suffer with you but I do not drown in your emotions. From my attached detachment I can help to alleviate another's emotional pain when asked. Compassion is a loving for the distressed. I offer and receive compassion.

Today I praise compassion.


I invite peace into my life in order that I may not know aggression or violence. I invite peace into my life in order that I may be just and respect others. I invite peace into my life in order that I might have inner peace, inner calm and inner balance. Having achieved this I share and wish well-being to all.

Today I praise peace.


I do not seek results or outcomes, but look for transformations and transitions. Life on earth changes just as the planet moves through the universe. In the apparent world there is a toughness or a gentleness to each ending. Situations change and energy flows. Overwhelming forces bring quick tough conclusions or easy realities untie the knots of life to bring forth easy completions. In eternity, nothing lasts forever, but is forever.

Today I praise conclusions.

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