I remember my deeds and acts and their effects on others. I aim for a sacred quality within each moment. May all my senses be awakened, aware of the whispers that life and Universe share.

I am conscious of the One. I create a radiance and glory faithfully flowing in my connections with all beings, brought into physical reality in my meditations on fire, whilst tending a candle, on earth, whilst tending a garden, on water, whilst washing and on air, whilst breathing.


I breathe the sweet scent of dew laden soil. Mother, the earth, awakens to the loving support surrounding her. May I also awaken to my inner supporting landscape.


I close my eyes and taste the sweetness of air as gentle breezes rustle the leaves. May I also connect with my inner flowing air.


I bless the internal flame burning strong and bright and may I feel the healing warmth of the internal and external sun.


I find solace during grey times, protection during times of dark clouds and rain. I bless these times for they clear and refresh even in their dark hours. May I also awaken to my inner cleansing water.


I gain strength from the sounds and silences of outer places.


I bless spaces inside myself where my spirit is renewed.


I recognise, when the world is confusing me, there are places where I can re-unite and refresh my life.


My inner life helps me sustain and love myself and bring about a sense of personal wonder.


I bless the elements of my inner life.

Page last updated: 14th Dec 2016