Life Projects

With thanks and blessings I step into time,

remembering the unity of all times.


The energies of the east,

dawn, spring and my infant projects


The energies of the south,

noon, summer and my growing projects


The energies of the west,

sunset autumn and my mature projects


The energies of the north,

night, winter and my completed projects.


My birth and rebirth on the spiralling cycle of my lives.


Thanks and blessings to the centre,

to the land and the earth,

to sun, moon and stars.



Uncertain life

Lept up on me,

One evening

I found uncertainty.

Up to that hour

I’d my fate in my power,

But events changed course,

Changed my destiny.

Reappraisal of plans,

Caused me to flee,

From the safety of

Known certainty,

To the flexible

Mind of pliancy,

Of one who does not know

But has survived to tell,

How uncertain life

Is lived enjoyably well.


Page last updated: 15th Mar 2018