A Day of Meditations - Allicia

Day break, sunrise,

golden dawn, blue skies,

stand up, reach for the sun,

draw back the curtain, day has begun.

morning light, valley haze,

toast and porridge, waking phase.


Mid-day, sun high,

bright light, clear sky,

brisk walk, cows gaze,

snack lunch, active phase.


Dew settles, sun set,

grassy field, leaves wet,

with mist descending,

daytime ending,

sky flares orange red,

time for bed.


The Light before Dawn - Piping tunes echo across the valley. 'The Break of Day', the blackbird calls, the rooks responding in chattering conversation, ‘We’re on the wing, wheeling in the wind.’ Other birds, some in the hedgerows small and hidden, some on the high branches of the trees, some already flying from their roost to feeding ground, join the blackbird. The messenger birds, the pigeons, relay their song across the reawakening land. It is dark, but Allicia is also stirring. She lies on her side, her head resting on the bunched pillow, orchestrating the day. As Allicia prepares, the darkness of night eases and the first yellow gold of the sunlight hours warms the eastern horizon. 

This is the sound of the earth in motion

This is the sound of the earth in motion;

This is the sound of a bird in flight;

This is the sound of the wind in the trees;

This is the humming of eternal light.

This is the silence of the earth in motion;

This is the silence of a bird in flight;

This is the silence of the wind in the trees;

This is the peace of eternal light.


Allicia closes her eyes and is quietly aware of the dynamic earth stirring beneath her feet as she breathes. She feels her energy mingle with the land, establishing the fresh cycle of a new day, responding to the call of the unseen sun. Allicia is familiar with this, her wake up call.

Outside, short streaks of red and yellow cloud disappear into the deepening blue sky. Then the first sunbeams shine through the window and onto the white wall of the room. In the morning light Allicia washes the sleep from her body and gathers the cast off clothes of her sisters. She is planning the day.


the break of day’

The break of day’

The blackbird called.

The crows responded

In chattering conversation cawed.

We’re on the wing’

Wheeling on the wind’.

Then rain spattered down

And the dawn welcome

Faded over the damp dull town.


Allicia sits calm, cross legged, on the ground and contemplates her Mother, the earth, and the loving support surrounding her. The sweet scent of dew laden soil drifts through the air.

The water is hot from the night’s fire and Allicia is singing peacefully to herself, standing at the sink, her hands playing in the soapy water, kneading and massaging the stains from the clothes. The sunbeams move up the wall and shadows form pictures as the light filters through the branches of bushes. A gentle breeze rustles the leaves as the sun’s heat causes the air to stir. Allicia designs a good drying day. She puts the wet clothes in a wicker basket and carries them out to the washing line, strung from the house to a tree. The sunshine is now bright, the daylight strong and clear. The clothes flap on the line as Allicia pegs them out. A debonair robin watches her from high on a bush as light wakens the flowers and they unfold their petals.

Kneeling, supported by a small low stool, Allicia contemplates the orange orb. She closes her eyes and tastes the sweetness of the air as she breathes, her belly expanding with every inbreath and flattening with each long exhalation.

Allicia sits in the sun and enjoys a cool drink, for the heat is now strong, making her thirsty. There are no shadows in the joyous stillness. She devises shafts of sunlight, forming corridors from the deep blue sky, pathways used by angels from heaven to earth. The fragrant roses turn their blossoms as the sun moves across the sky. The robin also moves to perch in the shade of a leafy bush, and the clothes flap more as wind grows active. Already some of the delicate clothes are dry and Allicia takes them to fold and store in their cupboards.

Sitting on an soft cushioned chair, she sets a yellow candle on a low table, which she lights. Watching the flame burn strong and bright Allicia feels the warmth of the internal and external sun.

Small white clouds start forming over the hilltops. Allicia knows that a short shower of rain might come if the clouds thicken and grow greyer. She goes into the house and turns on the kettle to make a cup of tea. While the kettle boils she unpegs the dry cloths, just in time, as she feels the cool air rush in and the first spatter of rain on her face. The downpour is short, though enough to give the roses a drink and refresh the grass. The sun glints between gaps in the cloud and Allicia fills with glee as a rainbow arches over the hillside, a veil of transparent silken colours draped over the landscape. In the refreshed garden she puts forward ideas to the creative trees and plants as they design their reality.


Returning, with the bright clear light,

Rainbows follow the cleansing rain.

Present on hillsides, touching the trees,

They repeatedly return to ease the pain.


The green jade, which lies under her pillow at night, now hangs on a thin silver thread as a pendant covering her heart. She fondles the stone, sharing the balanced compassion of giving and receiving, and love fills and surrounds her, radiating to the four corners of the Cosmos.

The clouds billow and drift into images of cats, bears, owls, circles and scallop shells. They dissipate and disappear into the washed blue sky lit by the westerly sun. The hillsides darken as a peaceful calm spreads across the land. The birds mutter to each other and settle onto their night perches.

Standing, her right hand resting on her cupped left, her thumbs touching, she listens. Sounds echo through the blue mists that surround her. Effortlessly, a hum arises within her throat and as the rhythm rolls and falls a natural chant, her own song, spreads through her body and over the earth.

A rosy glow spreads across the sky, becoming a glorious display of reds, oranges, greens, mauves and the sun’s deep red circle disappears below the horizon. Allicia moves in her bed – another well-planned day she reflects. She remembers her deeds and acts and their effects on others, reviews her feelings. Her agreement with the day had been to weigh up each moment and aim for the best chance within that moment. Then, with analysis ended, she dwells in her heart awaiting the wonderful start of tomorrow’s dawn.

Silently she lies on her back. Allicia lifts her right arm and waves goodnight to the sun, then waves her left arm to greet the moon. She lifts her left leg and stretches this before letting it rest and repeats with her right. She can feel the whole of her body relaxed and in contact with the ground. In her soul's eye a violet indigo light bathes her in the peace of the calm night. All her senses are awakened, all aware, super aware, aware of the whispers that life and the Universe share.


Before black night reigns

In the misty minutes

Before black night reigns,

In magical dusk a vision remains.


Lazy grey blue horizon of ancient light,

From stars that exhale silver white.


Indistinct land

Lit by distant specks,

Drifting wrecks –

Creations orphans.


Restless in space

Their ripples through time

Caress the earth.

Love flows.



Enduring love

Burns brightly

Shining, revelling in heat,

Encouraging, with strength,

Energetic earth.


Everlasting love

Flows cheerfully,

Pledging timeless presence,

Stretching coloured ribbons of land,

To tomorrows earth.



Out of the Darkness - Black bats wings disturb the sun’s fading power. In the moon’s white mist a light of no consequence gives birth. A twinkle of starlight in the vastness of the cosmos. Slowly its glow extends outwards, warmly brushing against the void. By it’s gentle heat it converts the bleak to the comfortable, the empty to the full, encompassing the whole by subtle but inexorable life, until the true nature of the spark reveals itself in a worldly hymn.

Allicia closes her eyes and is conscious of the One. Enlightenment, brought into physical reality by her meditations on fire, whilst tending the candle, on earth, whilst tending the garden, on water, whilst tending the washing and on air, whilst tending the clothes line, creates a radiance and glory flowing in her connections with all beings. And her meditations complete the wheel of the day and compose the new experiences that will arrive with the fresh cycle tomorrow. 

Just another nightfall

Through the open window,


Barking echoes across the town;

The sound of rain dripping down;

The church clock chimes,

With dull obligation.

Cars scurry home.


Through the open window

Cool evening air drifts into the room.

Clouds, grey and wet,

Cover the moon.


Summer’s heat is gone,

A memory receding,

And temperate darkness

Is comfortably pleasing.




We dwelt in our thoughts

What we felt in the day.

Remembered the deeds

And acts on our way.

Reviewed our dealings,

Relived our feelings,

And learnt to discover

Our affect on another.

Analysis ended,

Emotions defended,

Self esteem mended,

Onwards we stride,

to the future’

We’ve cried.

The next day dawned

Afresh we started,

Our hopes?

Full hearted.

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