Astrological Houses - Bethilda

Sitting comfortably in the warmth of the evening fire Bethilda dreams. Bethilda flies in her dreams. She takes to the air over mountains and along narrow tree filled gullies. She soars over the crags and moors near her home. Bethilda explores the land, in her dreams, on a timeless journey. And yet… time does pass. On her voyage she comes to a place of twelve houses. This is her much-loved space. The dwellings are raised in a circle each connected to a point in time but also beyond time, bearing the knowledge of the ancients and the wisdom of the future.

She visits the first house where the fundamental nature and qualities of an individual are exposed.

Streaks of rising sunlight warm her and yellow flowering gorse, the colour of egg yolks and butter, grow near her. In the midst of the thicket something moves. The gorse shudders in a gentle breeze. Bethilda starts, as out of the green spiked bush a large black bull ambles. In the hollows left by his passing hooves, small flowers spring up. Very soon Bethilda is surrounded by a meadow of daisies. She laughs in delight as she deftly makes a daisy chain and hangs it round the friendly bull’s neck.

Moving around the circle at the second house our personal resources are reviewed and our priorities revealed.

A heavy scent fills the air and the sun grows stronger, higher in the sky. Bethilda looks around. Where the black bull stood is a hawthorn bush, rich with white blossom and lime green leaves. Beside the bush a white cow stands with her shy calf. A great dryness comes over Bethilda and she asks the calf if it would share some milk. The calf steps back and she softly milks the cow, drinking the thick warmth. They nest together against the cow’s gentle flank watching the pasture fill with bright summer flowers.

Turning to the third house our communication skills are brought to light.

On the edge of the island the sun plays a game of light and shadow and the water of the lake sparkles blue. A goat pauses, motionless, a small mountain willow by its long thin legs. Its beard is broad and its horns look rather too sharp Bethilda considers. Warily, keeping an eye on the goat, Bethilda drinks again the thirst-quenching milk. She does not care to enter into a dialogue with the goat.

The fourth house offers the chance to discover the fundamentals we need to feel safe and free from care.

Refreshed, Bethilda explores amongst the grassy tussocks. The ground is dry and cracking, the black peat hardening in the sun. The gnarled shape of a black bog oak transforms before her into a great black ox. It is hot and getting hotter. Bethilda turns, looking for shade.

And now the fifth house comes into view and we learn something of our creative nature.

She leans against the paper white trunk of a birch tree as the grass beneath her feet turns scorched yellow. The rays of the sun, high overhead, beam a heat so intense she closes her eyes for a moment, just long enough to hear a sharp crackle, as a flame leaps up from the earth. A huge bird, red winged, fire sparking over its bright orange yellow feathers rises from the ground high into the sky. Bethilda cannot gaze at the brightness of the bird and looks to the ground.

The sixth house in the circle has wisdom of our physical and intellectual health and well-being.

A shadow casts over the burnt earth and Bethilda feels the heat drop from the sun and coolness spread over her. Glancing skywards, expecting a large rain cloud to fill her view, she sees instead an eagle circling above, wheeling in the grey sky. It glides on a thermal then drops onto the large, strong, thick branches of a nearby oak. When it lands acorns scatter onto the ground beneath the oak.

Into the second half of the circle the seventh house progresses from introspection to our dealings with others.

Looking around for somewhere to shelter she could only see a black guardian crow, sitting on a hazel branch. The hazel branches could be bent to make a wicker bower, but… she is alone… or is she?

The eighth house reveals how we can face the unknown and restore our personal power.

A gull wheels overhead as there comes a sense of urgency. Wind blows across the island beach, washing the strong smell of seaweed over the land. It is as if time starts to speed up and beginnings and endings accelerate past…

Spinning into the ninth house we understand the meaning of our life.

From a small hillock, on which the tall fronds of ferns are dead brown, as if from nowhere, a white mouse ambles over to her. She feels coolness as the sun sets behind the nearby mountain. Darkness comes quickly now and mist rising from the lake surrounds the island.

Then the tenth comes into view and we discover what our life’s work could be.

On the island stands a tall, lone pine tree with a unicorn for company. The unicorn waves it head and snow falls, pure white feathery down that rests on the branches of the pine. The unicorn sighs a breath and around its hooves small drifts of snow build up. Bethilda looks down, wondering at the speedy build up of snow and reflects on the pine, tall, majestic in the wintry scene.

The eleventh house reveals our hopes and wishes.

She feels a cold breeze on her neck and turns to face a stag, icicles hanging from his seven tine antlers. The ice flies off in shards with each nod of his head. White frost clings on his coat. Bethilda shivers. Noticing a thick holly bush she moves beneath it to get some protection from the freezing scene.

The circle is fully turned and the last house, the twelfth, reconnects us to our hidden self.

The ground is soft under her feet and Bethilda looks down to see cushions of moss growing through the snow, green and thick. Slowly the ground becomes wetter as the snow melts in the warmth of the fresh growth. Bethilda is aware of a crunching splashing presence, and turns to see come out of the lake a white water horse and her foal. They started nuzzling at the moss.

Through the white haze the scent of a peat fire suggests greater comfort near to hand and Bethilda drifts through the mist and slowly opens her eyes.

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