Introducing the 7 Sisters

Introducing the Seven Sisters

There is a great story told when the earth is young. It enlivens the souls and unrolls life in successive patterns of encircling joy.

There is a great story told when the earth matures. It enlivens the beings of rock and air, of hot and cold, of fur and feather, of skin and bones, of root and fruit.

There is a great story told as the earth grows old, of how one day the tale will unfold of the eternal truth in the vein of gold of the story told.


The Land of Here Is Everything

‘Here Is Everything’ is a mountainous country, with wooded slopes and lush valleys leading to protected safe sea inlets with spick and span harbours. The scent of lavender hangs in the air. Skylarks and crows call across the boundless landscape. The peak of the highest mountain is bare sparkling rock. It glints and flashes in the sunshine, radiant as a beacon. When sailors come into port they welcome the mountain and they know that it leads to safe, calm harbours.

In these agreeable surroundings live seven sisters, whom their Mother calls The DreamKeepers. They move and form our lives through the solar and lunar cycles. A comfortable cottage home with thick stone walls and thatch keeps them warm when the wind howls across the hillside and the rain spatters in on gales from the sea and cool on hot sultry summer days.

Constanza, the eldest of the sisters, assists the seasons and loves to entertain with song.

Medellaina, attends to the days of the week, often walking along the shore of the bay and talking to the beings that live near the water’s edge.

Oona loves to observe the garden. She knows when it is the best time to plant the seeds, when to wait until the harvest is at its height and can be cropped. Once, whilst turning over the soil she found a huge round stained dish. Being an ingenious girl she knew it would be useful and hung it in on the cottage wall, noticing how it changed through the month . And so it came to be that Oona now cares for the moon’s phases.

Alicia protects the times of day, keeping the home clean, washing and maintaining the household.

Ursula, the fifth of the seven sisters keeps an eye on the tides and often joins Medellaina on her rambles on the beach.

Lalanna likes to whisper her secrets to the moon. As she calls upon the moon their conversation conveys the vigour of the moon into her life. The dish Oona cleaned fascinates Lalanna, for she can recognise her reflection on it. When she looks at the dish each month she sees herself, each emotion mirrored in the moon.

And Bethilda, she is the youngest. She envisions the months of the year. Time and again, sitting by the fire, the smell of peat smoke lulls her senses. Bethilda, closing her eyes and relaxing into gentle dreams, drifts through rain-laden mists.

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