Monthly Moon Phases - Oona

In the early evening Oona is in the garden collecting vegetables for supper. Turning over the soil she feels something solid. Intrigued her fingers dig down and uncover a great circular dish. She eases the ancient object from the earth and holds it high above her head. Patterns of light play across its surface as she moves. Too big and dirty to bring into the house, Oona props the dish by the door.

New Moon – dark light

After preparing and eating supper with her sisters, Oona collects the dish and sits down with her special cleaning cloth. The dish is dark, black, yet has a mysterious presence. She starts moving her hand in a sweeping motion, moving around the rim from left to right. To her delight it shines silver white as she passes over the surface.

Waxing Moon – revealing light

Over the next fourteen nights, after supper, she sits quietly working with the dish, gently rubbing and cleaning away the darkness. She starts moving her hand in a sweeping motion, moving from right to left, inside her first area of cleaning, creating a path nearer to the centre. Each night she rests the dish on the side of the house, it is too large to be inside.

Full Moon – silver light

She starts moving her hand in a sweeping motion, from left to right creating a tight spiral of bright light in the centre of the dish. Now the whole of the dish is cleaned. The sisters are delighted with the beautiful discovery and suggest that it should be hung high on the wall. At night its light is soft and charming, gleaming on the path. Oona agrees, but, there are still some dark specks on the dish, which she wants to remove, and, if it is going to hang permanently on the wall, it should have no blemishes.

Waning Moon – disappearing light

Oona continues to rub and clean the dish over the following nights. She starts moving her hand in a sweeping motion, from the central spiral swinging to the right and then to the left. But to her dismay, as she continues to rub, the beautiful shining surface of the dish is rubbed off.

For the next fourteen nights she sits quietly moving her hand in a sweeping motion, reversing her previous path. Her hand moves from the left to the right, forever working just inside the edge of the dish. By the twenty eighth night the dish is clean and the blemishes gone, but it is no longer silver light but black.

New Moon – dark light

She starts moving her hand in a sweeping motion again, moving from right to left around the dish edge, until she is back to where she started. Oona is saddened that she has rubbed away the silver surface, yet her sisters suggest that maybe there are many layers to the dish. Maybe if she rubs the black layer again the light will return. Oona continues every night to clean a little of the dish and to her pleasure it does indeed start to shine again.

And so the story continues…

Page last updated: 12th Jan 2011