Fawn in dappled shade

The lonely fawn lay in dappled shade. It was missing badger, with the black and white snout, and brown fox, with its turned over ears and sooty bushy tail. They were night time companions in forest games. Mother said to sit quiet, rest and day dream. But fawn could hear the violins of its heart playing jolly tunes. It wanted to dance to the rythms it could feel pulsing through its body. Its skin sparkled with energy.

An ant scurried by on important business. In the shadows the golden beige lion with white mane, well fed, watched the fawn. Lion smiled. Licked his lips. Sighed contentedly. Two dogs yelped, upset by a movement in the bushes. Their high pitched voices echoed through the woodland. A blue butterfly rocked on a flower petal and fawn blinked. As the butterfly lifted a wing a small green light bounced over the plant leaves. It slid down the smooth stalk and rolled easily between the grasses. A wild red clover flower leant away as it passed and the light seemed to bow in acknowledgment. Inquisitive fawn called to the light – where are you from? Planet Cumulusian, it replied, and floated over, landing on the fawn's outstretched leg. The Circle of Life turned as the light settled into the comfort of the fawn's soft fur.

The fawn closed its eyes. It now had a companion for the day. Fawn heart's merry violins bowed a gentle lullaby. The soft green light expanded to encompass them both in a peaceful emerald haze.

Hidden by the sun's intensity, Jupiter crossed the sky. Yet the white moon of love hung ephemeral in the blueness. Planet Cumulusian rolled from behind its fluffy cloud. Watching. Alerted the lion shook its long mane. Like water droplets from a wet dog three green lights flew out of its shaggy coat and strolled along the earth pathway.

Satisfied that all was well with the world, Planet Cumulusian, Prime Protector Guardian, returned to its game of creation hidden behind a fluffy cloud. Tomorrow more green lights would appear amongst the dappled shade. More daytime play friends for the lonely fawn.

Page last updated: 12th Jan 2011