Kitten's Name Day

It all started quietly. Sitting watching the birds flitting around the peanuts and fat balls on the feeder, I was enjoying my sun puddle. There were loud shouts from upstairs but I am used to those from the Big Little Ones when they wake. There were no sounds from the Big Ones room. It must be one of those days they call 'weekend'. I stretched, curled a little tighter on my favourite chair, but kept one eye on the frantic flying feeding frenzy outside the window. And I was fascinated. Fascinated that the ground had turned white, fascinated that there seemed to be white feathers falling from the grey above world.

'Hurry up!' 'Where is my scarf!' The Big Little Ones bounced down the stairs and excitedly ran along the hall and I heard the green front door open. Birds scattered as they danced out into the garden, throwing the white stuff at each other. Playtime. My time. I ran outside to join in all the fun.

Ouch.... oooh.... I tried to catch one of the falling white feathers but it disappeared on my tongue, leaving a cold patch in my mouth...

The Big Little Ones started throwing white stuff up into the air, trying to reach high up on the side of our home, shouting 'higher' 'higher'.

I remember hearing a rumble, I remember feeling something freezing land on my nose, and then I remember no more.

My lally blanket is wrapped around me now, warming slowly by the flames of the open fire, I open my eyes. Distantly I hear someone say 'he's alive!' Yes, I am alive.

It went with such a 'woosh'; one of the Big Little Ones was describing what had happened. 'woosh' echoed the smallest of the Big Little Ones, 'woosh'. I try to wag my tail and shake my head. A lovely piece of fish is in my bowl, too tempting to ignore, and I raise myself. That tastes good. A hand strokes my head and the smallest of the Big Little Ones lands a splodgy kiss between my ears... 'woosh' she says, 'Woosh' they all repeat.

Then the Big One says from now on we shall call our kitten 'woosh' and we shall all remember the day that 'Woosh' survived an avalanche.

I am old now, a little arthritic, but I still watch the birds at their breakfast, and when I see the white feathers falling from above I know today is Woosh Day, the day I survived an avalanche and was given my name.

Page last updated: 26th Feb 2018