Serpents Mouth

In the dark depths of the deep ocean, where the luminous live, lies a secret cave.  A jagged cleft in a high cliff opens into a rounded chamber of stillness and peace.  Fish swim within the sphere, in meditation.  Crawling bodies move through the floor muds and all are watched over by a huge green serpent.  This rests, coiled yet alert, in the centre of the cave.  And within its mouth it holds a perfect white pearl.  And so it has been for many generations.

One hot summer's day I lay with my lover in a small sandy cove, listening to the swish of the incoming tide.  My daydreams washed me over the waves and beneath the waters to the cliff face.  Seeing the cleft in the rocks, curiosity spurred me to squeeze through the narrow space and penetrate the chamber of peace and silence.  As my eyes adjusted, gems lining the cave walls endowed iridescent rainbows to the void, crossing the darkness in a web of coloured beams.  With synchronised recognition the serpent eyes met mine and lingered in a moment of unity. 

Gradually the serpent's mouth opened to reveal the pearl.  I stroked it gently, feeling the vibrant body under my hand.  It's coils loosened in relaxation.  Then, as we engaged with shared joy, the serpent released the pearl into my waiting fingers.  Gently, I withdrew from the cave of happiness, and swam back to the beach where my lover now slept in the warmth of the evening sun.  And whilst she dreamed, I placed the pearl in her hand as a gift.  And so it has been for many generations.

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