Advent Calendar

dec 1

Its the first of December, what are the chances, 

you can spot a birdie in the branches?

dec 2Its the 2nd of December, and another window view,

find who is waiting in the birdfeeder queue.

dec 33rd December and another window with another view, and another visitor sits in the garden.

Who is this hidden in the plants by the pond?

dec 4

On the 4th December in the middle of the night,

this lady keeps a-watching for dawn's sun light.

dec 4aBy morning she is tired and curls up on her bed,

while the birds flit about and enjoy being fed.

ha ha! she has just appeared and miowed at me,

how did she know it was time for more cat TV?

But she never eats the birdies, far too thin a snack,

she'll have a few crunchies and then go back

to sleeping on the bed, for the afternoon,

awaiting til the sun goes down and she can watch the moon.

5 dec

Through the window
you are looking for
yellow, violet, blue and gold
faces by the door.
Not the Christmas cactus,
not the Christmas rose,
yet these flowers of Christmas
dispel our winter woes.

dec 6 white ladyOn the 6th of December the leaves have all blown down

and the white lady of the woods reveals her trunk and crown.

But who is she?

dec 77th December and something white again. Symphoricarpos albus is the Latin name.


8th December - blue campanula in flower
and as if in unison
from the church tower
the bells ring out
in this prayerfull hour.

What is the link between the flower and the sound from the church?

dec dark

9th december coloured snow flakes

provide delight
and through the window white street light.


10th December

and in daytime we can see
a member of the family corvidae.


11th December

someone's on the prowl,
and judging by the yowel,
there's no mystery who
is about to get a fright.
Cat fight.

dec12crow and pigeon

12th December pigeon and crow, sit by the chimney and both of them know,

this is a place for next years nest.

Who will claim this place of rest?

tree snow cat

On the 13th day of December a cat sits in the tree. 

Hanging from its tail what can you see?

cat with heart

14th day of December

Now it is plain to you and me,

Cat holds a heart up on the tree.

15th day of December

Lone pigeon's rhythmic call
announces relief of silent mists
withdrawing from the hillside.
Their parting reveals skeletal trees
and sun's veiled frosty ball.

Hungry wren scurries past the window,
lands to tap into seed and fat
in the hanging coconut shell;
blue tit queueing in the hawthorn,
robin and sparrows on the earth below.


Two young crows on cold chimney sit
on this fifteenth day of December.
These new found mates
plan their nest together,
discussing twigs and fit.

16th day of December


Lone pigeon's rhythmic call

echoes across the roof tops.

Bright dawn light fills the vacant air.

Washed blue sky pools amongst ivory clouds

and sun's veiled frosty ball.


Twitching, a twig indicates

where a bird is beak cleaning

after a meal of seeds and worms.

Necessary to keep well fed in December

good meals it celebrates.


Two young crows on cold chimney sit

watching, viewing their demesne.

Others are circling the church spire

planning their new homes,

discussing twigs and fit.

 17th day of December

Cold gold


The scrunch of frosted snow;

The myriad stars of the icy cloud,

Threaten to cause a slide

Into crystal cold.


The facets of the diamond ice;

Sparkling as a thousand lights

Echo of the black deep sky

And sunsets, blue and gold.

 18th day of December - 

First Winter Snow



Around and around,

The white flakes fall

To the cold, wet ground.



Above and beyond,

The cobalt skies and the misty sun

Know they will follow

The rampaging run.

 19th day of December -

The Angels Gathered


21st day of December 22nd day of December

23rd day of December


24th day of December

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