Lugh, Lughnasadh, Harvest and Cycle of the Year

Triangular stones, called Lugh stones,

Sometimes in a chamber you will find.

Brilliant white and lustrous

None knows the reason or the mind

that placed such stones in ancient mounds

but this we can be sure,

Lugh of the Long Arm, Master of all Crafts,

Once stood beside the door.


His long right arm extended

Carried in his hand a grain of corn,

and over his elbow is draped

a skin, that he used to adorn

his virile manly form.


Strong and full of wisdom,

A shining God of Light,

Lugh, please bless our harvest

As we greet the longer night;

Summer's sun and summer's heat,

shall sadly leave us now,

and with an age-long farewell cheer,

We move into the darkest phase

Of the cycle of the year.

Page last updated: 16th Jun 2014