Summer Solstice


Hey-up! Dance nonny-nay!

For now it is hot and Summer’s day!

Hey-up! Sing nonny-no!

For now there’s time to rest and play!

The yearlong round of work and toil

Of blessing plant and blessing soil,

Of digging, harvesting and storing food,

Of finding fuel and planting wood,

Has been well done.

Hey-up! Time for laughter and fun!




At sunset,

on solstice night,

it is a deep delight

to stand at this splendid height,

to share in the sight

of summer twilight.


To reunite

with friends who might

re-create, re-ignite

Ireland's hidden emerald light,

once concealed, put out of sight,

kept away in a long dark night.


We invite

love burning starbright,

to join us this night.


We invite

divine spirit starlight,

to join us this night.


We invite

sacred breath starsprite,

to join us this night.


We treasure our birthright,

our ancestral sun rite,

to magically excite,

our heart gift and foresight,

Transforming this sinister midnight,

to a sweet blessed dawnlight.

Page last updated: 29th Nov 2017