3 Sisters at the Well

- Three Sisters

There is a tradition of Three Sisters at the Well across Europe and it can also be related to some of the Irish wells, though the three are not always together at each well.  Local historian William Battersby wrote a book discussing the links between the legends and local Meath wells. 

The Three Sisters rivers are found in the south east, being the Barrow, Nore and Suir which arise in Tipperary and flow out at New Ross, Wexford.

The Three Sisters Prayer


Gentle Maiden

Warm brightly within my creativity

Your Joy.

Shine lightly within my creativity

Your Vitality.

Dance subtly within my creativity

Your Flowering.


Gentle Mother

Wrap softly within my heart

Your Love.

Swathe kindly within my heart

Your Comeliness.

Dream sweetly within my heart

Your Serenity.


Gentle Crone

Rest strongly within my wisdom

Your Trust.

Watch calmly within my wisdom

Your Understanding.

Remember affectionately within my heart

Your Peace.


My heart adore, Gentle Maiden, Gentle Mother, Gentle Crone.

Open and welcome.

Page last updated: 9th Dec 2016