Boinne of the Boyne

The Wisdom - even the greatest secrets will be revealed -

Human kind is inquisitive. Our desire of exploration lead into the darkest corners and deepest hidden places.  We have a great need to know. This may be an intensely personal search of our own soul or an outward journey into the wonderful world we inhabit.  And when we have visited somewhere no one else has ever been, when we have been frightened and overcome our fear, when we have been hurt yet still survived, we have to share our story, so that others may learn from our experience.  Boand was such a being.

She reminds us to take the journey into the depths to which we are denied access.  In that place lives great wisdom.  Wisdom so powerful that it may be painful to meet it.  Yet it is our destiny to discover the truth.  And when we have broken through the boundary hiding the secret, we break forth in a great surge of growth, expanding into the world.  It is the brave first step that we must all take that will lead to wisdom.


They warned her, they warned her, they warned her, she was banned. 

But Boand made a brave approach to the forbidden land. 

Boand walked around the well, around the well, around the well, three times.


The waters rose,

they splashed her mouth.

The knowledge broke its holding chains.

The knowledge flowed into her veins

and greatly did it swell.


The water kept on rising and she was forced to flee. 

Running across the earth, running eastwards to the sea,

Boand flowed through sweet  valleys, over dangerous weirs. 

Boand swept through fields of grass towards high Tara's Hall.


On the western side of Tara the well of Laeg, the calf, is found

and on the eastern flank, the white cow's water, rises from the ground.

Their flows go gently south to north and at Dowdstown bridge they join,

carrying the spirit of Tara they enter the waters of the Boyne.


Dragged into gorges,

Spread over reeds,

Boand is forced onwards.

The Land welcomes

the rolling river,

The Sea beckons,

come hither.


They warned her, they warned her, they warned her, she was banned.  Boand, the Cow Goddess, they warned her, she was banned. 

But Boand, the Cow Goddess, shares her life, nourishing Ireland.

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