Call to Ireland

We call upon all creation as it looks upon us,
As we look upon it.
Speak to us from the seven directions,
From our right,
From our left,
From in front,
From behind,
From above,
From below,
From within.
We call upon all creation as it looks upon us,
As we look upon it. 

Speak to us Ireland.
Whisper your story.
Share your love and your pain.
We are here to listen to your heart song.
We are here to accomplish your renewal.

Speak to us Tara.
Shout your truth on the wind.
Raise your breath in a great rejoicing
And we will raise up and join you
In your love and in your pain.

Speak to us Lia Fail.
Remain mute and we shall remain mute.
Surrender to your heart and we shall surrender ours.
We come into your presence in joy and respect,
Recognising our ancestry, our future and our present
Is found in your wisdom and in your vitality.

Speak to us our hearts, our love,
For we are in all creation,
In the timelessness of eternity,
As much as we are within ourselves and within all beings,
Within earth, on earth and in the universal forever.


The Wisdom - the greatest gift of all is peace -

It was a great gift of high value from the Gods.  It was going to be the best feast ever, one shared between the Gods and the Heroes.  And then the comparisons started. We all know how to criticise.  I'm better than you.  No you're not. Yes I am. Come on men, split up now.  Off to bed with you. The steward has not understood the situation, has not acted with wisdom.  There has been no reconciliation and the arguments fester and grudges build in their minds until a year later. Why did the greatest gift have to come to this?  War. Because Gods and Heroes are stupid!

Finally a lone voice speaks up.  Enough. End it. And peace is gained. This wise voice is the greatest gift of all.  The voice of peace.

Page last updated: 11th Jan 2013