Dagda Boinne and Aengus

The Wisdom - we have all the time in the world -

Dagda's name has echoed down through the generations and through the ages...  The differentiated energy, spirit, soul that was Dagda became recognised and a name given to him as a god of the earth.  Qualities and attributes, personality and characteristics were identified.  In the naming a potential of energy, spirit, soul, became an active reality and now we connect him physically with the land in a pile of earth by the Boyne.  We cannot escape our 3D earth name - once acknowledged it lives forever.  It is the energy that we manifest in the world.  It is eternal.


 Dadga and Boinne are lovers.

They do love,

The stars above,

The beauty of the lands.

The birds sit in their hands.

Flowery perfume fills the air,

For Dagda and Boinne,

A loving pair.

 These Gods and Goddesses of Light live at Bru na Boinne.

Dagda - a goodly man,  Boinne - a goodly woman, Aengus - their expression.

Dagda - Great Father of All, Boinne - Great Mother of All, Aengus - Sacred Child.

Dagda - he is strong, Boinne - she is strong, Aengus - quiet his breath.

Dagda - with a gentle heart, Boinne - with a gentle heart, Aengus - heart of symbolic role.

Dagda - of the sun's bright song, Boinne - of water's running song, Aengus - in earth he lies.

Dagda - Light of Perfect Knowledge, Boinne - Cow Goddess, Aengus - God of Love.

Dagda - wisdom to enthrall, Boinne - wisdom to enthrall, Aengus - waiting for the sun to rise.

Page last updated: 11th Jan 2013