Air shuddered carrying the smells of burning and fire, an explosive boom echoed over the land as disturbing waves surged through the earth.  Silence, deep tense quiet, fell upon all beings, shocks fluttered their bellies, heart beats pounded intense in the caverns of their chests.  Lit in the soft light of a full moon Sovereignty arose from her slumber.

At the threshold of her demesne a man stood, alert.  One used to bearing his authority with strong conviction and endeavour.  Yet, tonight he came in supplication.  He had woken the goddess and apprehension caused an unusual hesitation in his stride.  Would she accept him into her embrace?

In the light of the sun and in the full moon shadows I celebrate the earth, I celebrate my life, I celebrate my joy.  In the full power of womanhood I celebrate you, Maeve.  Beautiful woman, beautiful warrior, beautiful Maeve, join me.  Maeve, Earth Mother, Earth Sovereign, return, reign with your man in this land.  Maeve, sing as the bird sings, fly as the bird flies.  Maeve, love as love loves.  In my bliss may you find your bliss.  In my heart may you find your heart.  I celebrate you Maeve.  I bless you Maeve.  I come to you Maeve.

Sovereignty heard and smiled.  The door to her demesne swung open and the man entered.  Her acceptance acknowledged and honoured his truth and his prayer.  Together they ate and drank in trust.

The two, now one, wedded to each other and to the land, lay in the folds of protective earth.  Their eternal love spread outwards in perfumed mists.  Their eternal love sang through the air, echoing over the land and their embrace rippled through the earth.

All beings inhaled the peaceful joy of Sovereignty and her lover.

The Wisdom - the sound of your soul -

The rushing sound in the air...  You cannot deny the truth of who you are.. you cannot deny your roots and your source.. whatever beliefs you adopt, wherever you live, you must acknowledge and love what created you, what brought you onto the earth plane of existence...

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