The dove is a fortunate bird. It lives in shining marble halls at the beginning of the new days. Flying down from heaven on wings of pure white it breathes in the light of sunbeams and moonbeams, sings with the choirs of angels and joins the Holy Spirits in all the dimensions of the universe. Cleansing fragrant smoke spreads through the realms just as simple smiles of friendship spread amongst the beings of the land and the firmament.

The food of the dove is ambrosia, sweet milk and honey from the Garden where the One Tree provides a safe protective shelter for all creatures.

The dove carries the message of peace throughout the worlds. The message of abundance for all. The message of nurturing for all. The message of trust for all. The message of openhearted love for all. The dove has hope. The dove has splendour. The dove has purity. The dove is a blessed bird.

Within its breast the dove carries a pool of longevity. It carries peace and goodwill within that pool. And it releases three drops of water from that pool to wash over the earth at all times.

The three drops fall into the open chalice, the land. Where the sacred elixir of the dove settles it imbues the earth with the qualities of the dove.

Within its beak the dove carries an offering of gold. There is radiance and beauty within this gold. The dove releases three rays of golden light from the gold to bless the earth at all times.

And they fall upon the open chalice, the land. Where the brightness settles dreams are complete in the bliss of eternity.

With these gifts from the dove, the chalice, the land, is a point of creation. This is a place of plenty, where strength, health and abundance manifest. Stars fill the chalice cup just as they fill the heavens above.

And the dove returns, flying upwards to heaven, where it breathes in the light of life.

Page last updated: 12th Jan 2011