In a time before there was time there was Wigger, a small black creepy crawly beetle. Wigger was recognised by all, for Wigger had a special gift. Wigger’s body had the most, most beautiful black shiny wing cases, rounded in shape that shone in the sun as he walked in the fields.Wigger lived on a hillside near a Spring and would sit for many hushed, quiet hours, listening to the water as it chuckled and gurgled out of the ground, aware of the pattern of its swish, splash and slosh as it flowed through the rocks. Wigger became experienced in the ways of the earth and knew how to recognise and call forth the healing quality of the water, and chat with the beings of the land and of the skies.

In the warmth of spring Wigger watched the waters from the Spring moisten the young shoots as they raised their heads above ground after the winter cold. In the heat of summer the waters from the Spring were visited by small birds drinking up beads of cooling moisture. In the darkening days of autumn, the Spring was joined by heavy rain showers, and then sped down the dale to flood the river plains below. In the chilly winter days, the Spring waters sometimes hid under an icy shield.

But, there was someone else that visited the happy Spring. A Crab named Cancer. The Crab had also become knowing in the ways of the earth and the skies. Cancer was also blessed. Cancer’s body shone with silver, pastel shades, decorated with clover and dog daisies. And Cancer was powerful. When he clapped his claw some of those that heard the sound felt ill with fear and hid and the earth herself would tremble. And Wigger the beetle also knew fear of the Crab, Cancer.

One time Wigger was pondering on this awesome being and becoming very anxious. The Spring looked on its friend and whispered ‘What troubles you? – talk to me.’

Wigger explained the fear of the Crab, ‘oh, Spring’ whispered Wigger, ‘when I hear your happy gurgle I smile but when I hear Cancer clapping his claw I fear he may catch me in the sharp edge and hurt me.’

But the Spring smiled and said ‘ Do not be frightened. Remember your special gift.’

‘You are blessed with bright shining wing cases that glint in the sun, Cancer will always see them and not harm you when he claps his claws together.’

Wigger realised how he had come to always expect the Crab to damage him whenever it came near.

Wigger asked the Spring what he should do. ‘Look within yourself. You are blessed with bright shining wing cases that glint in the sun. This gift gives you strength. Tell me a word or two that describes this strength. Wigger thought for a long time then replied ‘Bright shining.’ ‘Say that again.’ Wigger repeated, ‘Bright Shining’, again and again, ‘I am ‘Bright Shining’.’

And as Wigger kept saying the sound it became more and more melodic, and the melody became a chant. ‘You are composing a song to celebrate your power,’ said the Spring.

Wigger started to tap with his leg on the ground. To Wigger it sounded like thunder as he tapped louder and louder. To anyone passing it would have sounded like a gentle continuous clicking.

The sound became a rhythm and this became a tune. Then Wigger breathed in deeply and his rasping husky voice joined the thunderous tapping. Wigger took another breath and this time the sound was like that of a croaking frog. On the third breath, the sound changed to become a melodious breath of wind.

Wigger had found his song. It was a song from the heart. A song that Wigger had always known but had never sung before. The sound echoed across the land and the skies. The happiness of Wigger united with the voices of the Spring, and the trees and the sun, all rejoicing in a harmonious chorus.

In a dark corner, unseen, Cancer the Crab sat watching.


Finale One

Wigger’s song gradually faded and he closed his eyes and rested content.

Slowly Cancer the Crab crept out from its hiding place and came to sit near Wigger.

‘You’ve done it then’ the stealthy Crab murmured.

Wigger jumped at the words, but did not run away in fear.

‘Done what?’

‘Discovered your own power song, of course!’


‘Are you still afraid of me?’

Wigger did not hesitate. ‘No.’

‘Good.’ Said Cancer the Crab then paused and admitted, ‘I have been lonely. I do not intend to frighten people with my clapping claws, and it makes me sad when they run away. When I was young I clapped my claws with pleasure when a visitor called, but they always scurried away. I tried not to frighten others, but I am a Crab and it is my way to clap my claws together.’

Then Cancer the Crab said, ‘Lets sing together’. Wigger, surprised but now understanding that the Crab was, after all, just being a Crab, doing what Crabs do, and intending no harm, started to say his words ‘Bright Shining.’

As he grew in confidence he tapped his leg and sang his power song. Cancer started tapping his claw and for the first time his newfound friend did not run away but laughed. Together they sat in harmony.

The Spring, the trees and the sunset smiled, and the One sound of the two songs vibrated across the land and into the Cosmos.


Finale Two

Listening to Wigger’s song the Crab became more and more jealous.

Unable to stay in the shadow any longer Cancer the Crab sneered ‘I hear your silly song. The sound is not enough to frighten an ant. And the words, they mean nothing.’

Wigger stopped in his reverie. Threatened, but secure within his newfound power, Wigger returned to singing the song again. And with every note Wigger became less fearful of the Crab. He kept on singing his song quietly and surely.

Cancer the Crab had never been so challenged before. At first he tried clapping his claws, louder and louder, quicker and quicker, but, to his surprise, Wigger kept singing.

He tried circling round the ‘Bright Shining’ beetle but Wigger kept singing.

The Crab was unable to scare Wigger. Cancer became angry and turned red with rage, but Wigger kept singing.

Then, frustrated, Cancer’s strength started to fade. Cancer the Crab knew he was beaten. This was the first time another had not run away when he clapped is claws. There was no way he could stop Wigger singing.

Wigger watched as he sang, and to his amazement it seemed that Cancer was getting smaller and smaller. But Wigger also saw the beauty of Cancer. For the first time he noticed Cancer’s body shining with silver pastel shades decorated with clover and dog daisies. Wigger pitied Cancer the Crab. Taking a long deep breath, Wigger gently blew on the shrunken being. Cancer the Crab, now small and fragile, splintered into innumerable pieces and was carried by the wind of the breath into the sky.

In the darkness of night you can, to this day, see the outline of the Crab in the sky. And those that look wonder at its beauty.


Finale Three

As Wigger joyously sang, the melody of the words reverberated through the blades of grass, repeated across the fields. Flowers turned their heads to listen and nodded as the sounds echoed in their souls.

The Crab watched, awe struck. And Wigger became more and more beautiful in the eyes of Cancer the Crab.

Wigger seemed transformed into the ‘Bright Shining’ creature he sang of. Cancer the Crab had never appreciated such beauty before and fell in love with Wigger instantly.

But, he shrunk further and further into the hiding place.

‘Why do you continue to hide?’ asked the Spring.

Whispered the Crab, ‘I am afraid. Once I could control Wigger by fear, but now Wigger knows his own strength. Wigger is wonderful and I am unworthy. I am afraid and I am alone.’ And for the first time the Crab felt sadness and tears rolled down his body dampening his famous claws.

‘Then you must find your own power song’ advised the Spring. ‘Come live with me and I will help you.’

Later in the dark, when Wigger left the field, Cancer the Crab crept from his hiding place and sat next to the Spring. For many a long time, not wanting to make a sound at all, Cancer lived with the Spring. Through the night the Spring gurgled and splashed and the Crab quietly listened. Night after night, when the sun had set and all was still, and other beings were drowsy or sleeping, the Crab would venture forth and go to the Spring to find his voice.

If you sit quietly at night and look up at the stars, you may hear the sound of the gurgling Spring and just maybe, Cancer the Crab quietly learning his power song.

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