The adventurers between the worlds recognise the gateway immediately. Two green ovoid spheres mounted on twin tall upright poles change to red with every third breath. A simple entrance to the inner world after long journeys in the outer world, these upright pillars welcome and warn. There are dual opportunities here. Delay or head off immediately into the next encounter with reality.

Most pass swiftly through this entry for they fear the inner realms. They are eager to reach the future and have no desire to stay, for even the shortest interval, in the challenging place of darkness where dreams are formed. Perhaps it is not the time for them to experience this vast cavern of the mind where the ancestors and the trinities reside. Yet their ability to see is also limited for they do not acknowledge either the figure at the left hand.

For, at this crossing place of thousands of vision hunters, stands a lady dressed in a blue gown. She waits for all those passing through to stop.

From time to time one will pause. She knows that person will take the third breath and hesitate a moment at the red light. That individual will be seeking permission to enter, not assuming that entry to the inner world is a divine right. That person will receive a gift from the lady in blue. It may be just a smile; it may be a wave of the hand. But that gift will be sacred. It will be saying, Namaste, we are one. It will be a heartfelt declaration; I respect the space where the eternal Universe exists in you, where love, truth, peace and light reside. You are aware of that place, and I am aware of that same space within me.

That person, blessed by the lady, will move into the inner scene in full awareness, look up to the beauty of the wooded hill sides across the valley, drink in the children’s laughter from the park, see the squirrels and the doves, take joy in the beauty of the mallow flowers and watch the river flowing over small water rounded stones by willows where the fish of wisdom swim. And they will either pass through the inner world in harmony or rest awhile and drink in the joy of the richness of timeless life.

Whichever experience is taken, just as the gateway to the inner world is the same for all, so the exit from the inner world is the same. At the point of emergence, twin, tall pillars support rounded shields whispering goodbye, providing instructions for how to proceed into the outer world. The advice is traditionally known and well intentioned. It maintains a foothold in the outer world for those that have journeyed and carry the support of the inner world with them. Gifts that will be integrated and understood in their future lives.

Page last updated: 13th Jan 2011