The full white guardian moon gazed up at the solitary vibrant entity above it. Aligned with the black silver grey Universe this blue green sphere was eye-catching. Although dawn was long achieved the sentinel lingered in the sky, watching, enjoying the view. Scanning the oceans, the huge lumpy landmasses and the small coral fringed islands, the moon smiled.

Indistinct in the distance a golden ring floated mysteriously in the morning haze. It swung slowly, circling, considering carefully every direction. In it’s turning the golden ring hummed and sang, vibrating through the atmosphere, with the song of the Universe. Below, a flat green pastureland of neat fields with tidy hedges, sweated in the hot sun. Springs of earth’s perspiration welled up and trickled across the sizzling brow of the hillsides. Sliding through narrow valleys ever-growing trails of water united to become the holy river.

Under the protection of flowering hawthorns, on a patch of cool lush grass, a small black and white bull and a nervous cow peacefully chewed the cud. A golden ring in the bull’s nose glinted, brilliant in the morning brightness. Roaming across to another meal it felt cheerful, skittish. This mood was enhanced by the activity of horses in the nearby showground, enjoying a day stretching muscles in the ring and the challenge of a show jumping competition. Horses love to jump. One sleek roan, more successful than the rest, stood proudly in the middle of the ring wearing a colourful blue rosette as a reward for its efforts.

From another angle of the field the small black and white bull turned. It had the sweetest sight of the moon. The guardian moon momentarily filled the mysterious hanging golden ring as it passed low across the sky. Like a child, the bull made a personal decision and was thrilled by the magnificent idea. And with a great leap, it jumped over the moon.

Hey Diddle Diddle!

The Horse in the middle,

Watched the bull jump over the moon;

The golden ring sang

To see such sport,

And the cow turned away in a swoon.

The full white moon, in the blue of the Sunday morning sky, continued its vigil, laughing.

Page last updated: 13th Jan 2011