Fried the Ferocious

Abundance comes in many forms

Being Friday, Friedmann a Fisherman Ferocious

sails off to fetch fish for supper.

Friedmann is relentless in his search, hauling in a catch he is truly braggadocious.


This annoys Enzmann the Eager

who sails the seas as well.

Listening to the guillemot's call, summoning Codd the Cautious and Haddocc Horrible, he becomes a skilled intriguer.


On this second day of December

there is joy on the ocean wave.

Friedmann, finding a shoal of mackerel heads home not knowing Enzmann and Codd scowl and simmer; this may be a time we shall all remember.


Sunday – fickle winter wind,

extreme extravaganza,

shudders brown dead leaves. Enzmann, Codd and Haddocc grimace. Conspiratorial white horses ride waves, winged.


Whisking stirring sound

of metal in a bowl.

Friedmann cooks up a Ferocious mackerel sky fish pie of a storm, thunderclaps abound.


On this fourth day of December

there is flooding in the town.

Eager, Cautious and Horrible loose all their possessions; this is a time they shall remember.

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