Golden Hair

The boat’s horn sounded a departing blast, the engine’s note rose and white water swirled around the stern. Slowly it drew away from the grey stone harbour wall.

Sitting in bed the child watched the dolphins play – turning, rolling, now a fin, now a splash of water – then stillness – then dark moving sliding shapes rising, circling and falling through the calm surface. Smiling, the light from the child filled the skies, dispersing the sunrise clouds, creating a clear blue sky.

An incoming boat broke through the dolphin’s game and they dived to deeper water.

The child blinked as a dark cloud drifted over the headland. Another followed, billowing white above a deep grey base. The child wished the clouds away, but to no avail. They thickened and hung, dangerously, over the rock-strewn hillside.

White horses on whipped waves shuddered across the water as the wind tossed foam droplets into stiffening winds.

The boat was now rolling, rising, circling and falling through the broken surface.

A howling crash rent the air. Waves became steep walls. Blackened sky and heavy clouds flew over the thunderous black sea.

The golden haired child watched not knowing where the land, sky and water met. Thrown, turning, rolling, rising, circling and falling the boat became one with the churning waves. They pounded against the hostile headland rocks.

The child with the golden hair shivered.

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