Pat a Cake

There was, in the time before time, a King from an ancient world who was proud yet fair.  He had numerous subjects who worked in the fields, helped each other to build houses and who loved to sing and dance. 

One day, a woman greeted the King, saything that she would bake him a fine cake if he would help her husband mend their horse cart.  The King happily agreed and the two men worked well, soon repairing the broken cart.  They both went to the women for a refreshing drink and some of the tasty cake but, she stood gossiping with the neighbours.  The King has plenty of cake, she said, and told her husband to tell the King to send a servant to bring cake from the palace.

The husband was too embarrassed and instead suggested that they go to the old temple to give thanks for the ease of their work.  The King happily agreed, and the two cheerfully walked the short distance to the ancient sacred site.  They sat on some of the old stones and rested and, while idly looking at the fallen masonry the man chanced to notice some writing on a broken fragment.  

What is this writing? the man asked the King.  The King being a learned person read:

Pat a cake, pat a cake, knock this stone,

Pat a cake, pat a cake, sing its tone,

Pat a cake, pat a cake, make a wish,

Pat a cake, pat a cake, your wish is known.

No sooner had the King finished than a fine rich chocolate iced cake appeared before them.

The King and the man laughed and they hungrily started to eat large slices from the delicious confection.

Justice had prevailed!

Page last updated: 8th Dec 2016