Oak Trees

The Major Oak of Sherwood Forest is incredible, it is of great age and size,

and everyone who sees it says ‘I can’t believe my eyes,

can I touch it?’

The Druids, the Greeks, and in the Bible too,

generation after generation have caressed an oak, to renew

their connection with the Ancient Ones.

It is said by some that man originally came from the oak,

oh, what a joke!

It is surely far wiser and of longer life than us mere mortal folk.

We honour your ancestors, King of the Forest!

Oh Mighty Oak!



Oak, Old As Knowledge.

A wooden town,

Bearing grail cups of green and brown.

Shade for insects in its crinkled bark,

Pools of quiet light and dark.

Oak apple wasp sustained,

Nesting birds contained,

Flow of life maintained.

In woodland glade or solitary grown,

From acorn seed, squirrel sown.

Oak, Old As Knowledge.

Page last updated: 29th Nov 2017